Is your story holding you back?

Is your story holding you back?

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We all have a story. But when does your story become a problem?

About 2 years ago, I found myself watching an episode of Oprah’s Life Class. I had never really watched the show before but Iyanla Vanzant was the guest so it piqued my interest. Her book “In the Meantime” helped get me through a bout of depressionwhen I was fresh out of college and I remember watching her show “Starting Over” back…

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What no one told me about having a baby

What no one told me about having a baby


I promise I’m not going to turn this into a mom/baby blog, but baby things are kind of my life right now. So bear with me :)

My friend sent me this article titled “What Nobody Tells You About the First 3 Months of Motherhood

I’ve been wanting to write a post like this since I brought my baby home because it was truly a shock to my system and I feel like no one ever talks about that. Maybe in…

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